About the JUMPSTART Program
"For the past eight years, my wife and I have enjoyed the meals offered by Susan Dolinar and the At Home Gourmet team. In May 2014, however, I began participating in her Wellness Program due to being overweight, not feeling well and lacking energy. Making the effort to plan and prepare meals around a hectic work schedule had not been successful. The At Home Gourmet JUMPSTART Wellness Program simplified healthy eating. Food varieties, portion sizes, carbohydrates, protein and calorie counts were all taken care of by At Home Gourmet, making it easy for me to remain on the program.

"Seeing results for the first time in 15 years gave me the drive to remain on course---not to mention the added encouragement from Susan and her team. I'm proud to say that I've lost 45 pounds and have been taken off blood pressure medicine for the first time in 10 years. What I'm enjoying most is the energy I hadn't had in years. It's great to feel healthy again, and I owe it all to the At Home Gourmet team."
- George Joyner
Market Manager
Walmart Stores, Inc.


"I have been on the JUMPSTART program for several months. The food is so delicious, chef-prepared daily, fresh, filling and satisfying, with endless variety! And, best of all, you do lose weight!

"For a small fee, the food is delivered to my home daily. After a long day at work, it is beyond wonderful to come home to a fully prepared, gourmet meal stacked in the cooler on my deck. Just a few minutes of microwaving and I am ready for dinner!

"My husband raves about the Gourmet Dinner he orders every night. Now we spend very little time at the grocery store, no time on food preparation, and mere minutes on kitchen clean up. And because we aren't eating at restaurants very often, and because we never throw away food anymore, we are actually saving money."
- Pam

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