Frequently Asked Questions

Do you come to my home to prepare meals?
No, we prepare all meals in our commercial kitchen in Wyndhurst.

When do I pick up my meals?
All meals are ready for pick up between the hours of 4 pm and 6 pm.

If I am interested in lunch, when do I pick it up?
Lunch is picked up between 4 pm and 6 pm along with any dinner meals and are packaged to be eaten the next day. For example, lunch items shown on the menu for Tuesday are picked up Tuesday evening to be eaten for lunch on Wednesday. Lunch for working couples can be packaged separately.

Do I sign a contract?
No, we do not require a contract or that you purchase a minimum number of meals a week or a month. Our service may be customized to your needs, i.e., one dinner a month for one person or lunch and dinner five days a week for a family of four.

Are you open on weekends?
No, we prepare meals Monday through Friday.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates may be purchased for a set amount to be used as the receiver of the gift chooses or certificates may be designated for a particular menu style for a set number of people, i.e., family style dinner for four people for one night.

Are the meals hot and ready to eat when I pick up?
Your meal does require reheating. Meals are completed throughout the day, packaged, and put in our cooler. When you pick up at your convenience during our pick up times, you know your meal is fresh and has not been sitting under a heat lamp until your arrival. Most of our meals may be plated and reheated in a microwave, however, if special instructions are necessary we will let you know.

Can I freeze meals?
Our meals are not prepared or packaged for freezing. We prepare many fresh salads and side dishes and entrees frequently have sauces that are best eaten within 24 hours.

What does a gourmet dinner include?
A gourmet dinner typically includes an entree, two side dishes (depending on the contents of the entre) and a fresh salad.

Do I select my side dishes?
No, we select the side dishes and salads which best accompany the daily entre, depending on the fresh seasonal vegetables available each day.

Can I select from the family style menu for just one person?
Yes, family style meals are available for single individuals.

How do I pay for my meals?
We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and debit cards. Our clients pay for their meals weekly or monthly for convenience.

How much notice do I need to give?
Please give us a minimum of 24 to 48 hours notice before you need a meal. We welcome weekly and monthly schedules for those who prefer to schedule in advance.

What happens if I need to cancel or make changes to my order?
We ask that you give us as much notice as possible. Cancellations the same day will not be permitted. We will be happy to keep your meals refrigerated for pickup the following day.

Can you prepare meals for me if I have special dietary concerns?
We would be happy to discuss the differences in our three menus. We do not offer menus for specific diets such as low-fat, diabetic, or low-sodium.

What is the difference between your gourmet and lower carbohydrate menus?
The entrees for gourmet and lower carbohydrate are the same most days. For those clients watching their carbohydrate intake, we select side dishes and salad dressings with fewer carbohydrates than the gourmet equivalents. Breads and pastas occasionally accompanying lower carbohydrate meals are either high fiber, whole grain (“right carbs”) or lower carbohydrate versions.


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